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Generic searching out, personalized sourcing in 👋

Let our onboarding easily guide you to the perfect position setting. Once you do that, we will instantly learn all there is to know about your company’s hiring preferences.

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Pour your personal taste in and get personalized matches 🤩

Help us learn YOUR taste and preferences by swiping on the matches we found for you and get personalized results that fit YOU.

Billy 12 sep
Damn, that’s really perfect 🤩
Reach out to the people you liked

Make your cold emails warm 🔥

Forget awkward first calls and connect with candidates as if you’ve always known each other, using our generative AI content generator.

Tommy 12 sep
From a cold call to what’s up 🔥

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  • 1 Position
  • New matches every day
  • Auto-generated content
  • Contact info for every match
  • Willingness-to-move predictor
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It’s like someone just heated up my cold calls. It’s pretty perfect

Anat Mogilevsky

I feel almost guilty because my job has become soooo much easier (:

Antuela Romero

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