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Our all-in-one platform gives everyone a laid-back way to identify, reach, and engage with a brand new talent pool.

Get matched with over 160 million talents in the US

“We increased our recruitment efforts 10x thanks to Perfect”

Yogi Kidar - Reeco

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How it works

3 Easy Steps for
Effortless Recruitment

1. what you are looking for

Generic searching out, personalized recruiting in 👋

Let our onboarding easily guide you to the perfect position setting. Once you do that, we will instantly learn all there is to know about your company’s hiring preferences.

2. AI matching

Pour in personal tastes, and receive personalized matches 🤩

We learn YOUR tastes and preferences as you like and pass on candidate profiles. Receive even more personalized matches based on your input and feedback.

3. Reach out like a pro

Make your cold emails warm 🔥

Forget awkward first calls and connect with candidates as if you’ve always known each other, using our generative AI content generator.

Perfect Integrations 🧩  

Connect with your favorite ATS, seamlessly

Our ATS integration allows you to effortlessly connect with the most popular ATS and HR tools, streamlining your recruitment efforts without having to leave your favorite platforms.

The perfect platform

Harness Recruiting

Likelihood to move
Uncover the Potential for Career Shift

By measuring dozens of signals on career, industry, and company trajectory, Perfect predicts how likely it is for a candidate to change jobs.

Insider network
Unlock Your Team Connections

Get insights and recommendations on how to engage new matches, based on comprehensive data about your team's professional history, and its personal network.

AI outreach
Send personalized messages in a flash

Craft the perfect outreach message without ever having to write a word. Automate and sequence your messaging for maximum impact.

talent navigator
Instant personalized match results

Your Personal Recruitment Assistant - Instantly adapted match results to your taste, with in-depth analysis and AI-powered insights for each candidate.

Team Collaboration
Collaborate with your teammates

Effortlessly collaborate with your hiring managers and talent acquisition teams by inviting them to join your hiring workflows.


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For individuals looking to hire on occasion.

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1 Position

New matches every day

Auto-generated content

Personalized outreach content

Willingness-to-move predictor


For a team hiring for several positions.

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$399 /month
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Everything in LITE

Unlimited positions (up to 5 in parallel)

Double amount of daily matches

1-click personalized outreach

ATS connection

Access to all features

Dedicated CS


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Top rated recruiting experience

The automation and optimization of the sourcing process offer substantial time savings and increased efficiency across the industry.

Judy Levitt

Founder & CEO 

The algorithm quickly and accurately identifies candidates, saving me hours of searching through various recruitment platforms.

Julie Sigalas


It’s like someone just heated up my cold calls. It’s pretty perfect

Anat Mogilevsky


The Perfect Way to Find Candidates
Love it!

Jim Stroud

The Jim Stroud Show

Find qualified candidates faster and streamline your sourcing and engagement.

Yogi Kidar


I feel almost guilty because my job has become soooo much easier (:

Antuela Romero


As a technology leader, recruiting is job number one for me. Perfect helps me quickly identify candidates who would be a good fit for my roles. I would never want to go back to recruiting without it.

Brian Cummings


The coolest way
to recruit talent.

Finding the right talent takes time, expertise, and knowledge - but it doesn't have to be a headache. Let us help you source the best candidates hassle-free!