Connecting With Talents: Are You Doing It Right?

Peleg Geffen

You've been through a couple of rounds of matches and started reaching out to talents, but none have yet to reply. Sounds familiar?

Read this article for a list of tips and tricks that will help you improve your response rate and get your engaged matches in for an interview.

1. Multi-channel messaging

With Perfect, you're provided with everything you need to connect with your engaged match; a link to their LinkedIn profile and validated contact details such as an email address and a phone number.

No luck with LinkedIn messages? Try emailing instead.

Emails getting ignored? Maybe it's worth trying with a friendly text.

Different channels work for different types of roles, so don't stop testing and trying until you get them to answer.

2. Collaboration between the talent acquisition team & the hiring managers

For talent acquisition specialists: Get your hiring managers onboard!

Good talents are often overwhelmed by messages from talent acquisition teams, and a good way to stand above the noise is to get your hiring managers as active participants in the process.

Whether it be sending LinkedIn messages from their account, emailing talents, or even helping form the outreach message - make sure they know that anything they can do to help is highly appreciated.

Are you the hiring manager? Get your talent acquisition team to help!

They have all the tricks - and they know how to get it done. Even if you were the one who found this perfect match, your team could help you with the legwork of interviews, meetings, and selling the opportunity.

3. Leveraging your network

You must be familiar with the referral program initiative, where your employees refer their friends and often get compensated - but have you tried the other way around?

Whenever you find a talent you like and want to connect with, check your company and people from your network! Your team would definitely love to help.

Got additional tips from your experience? Share with us!

And if you have additional questions, we're here to help.

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