Looking for your next hire? The case for smart AI matchmaking over boolean search


As the philosopher Marshall McLuhan wrote in his 1964 book, every new technology is an extension of the human, whether it is a tool that extends the physical body, like a hammer or a car, or a tool that extends the mind, like an iPhone (or smart AI matchmaking, but we’ll get to that soon).

If you're in the process of looking for your next hire, you're probably familiar with the traditional approach of using boolean search, a methodology that uses specific keywords and operators to find the desired results, by filtering candidates based on specific keywords or criteria. But while boolean search can be a useful tool, it has its limitations.

In essence, boolean search is limited by the requirement for the search operator to know the exact keywords and phrases to use in order to find relevant results, which, well, isn't always feasible. As a result, boolean search can only find candidates who have used the exact keywords in their resumes or online profiles, excluding some potentially qualified candidates who do not use the same language or terms.

That's where smart AI matchmaking comes in. By using advanced algorithms and natural language processing, smart AI matchmaking can understand the requirements of a job posting and match them with candidates who have the relevant skills and experience. This allows for a much more comprehensive search that considers a wider range of factors, and can identify qualified candidates who may or may not have used the exact keywords in their profiles, thanks to its dual capability to extract implicit insights, whether about your personal preferences, or about the talent’s merits, and background. Sounds trivial, right?

One of the key advantages of smart AI matchmaking is that it can automatically and instantly screen and rank candidates based on their suitability for the job in question, saving time and effort for recruiters and hiring managers. This means that you can quickly and easily identify the best possible candidates for your open positions, without having to manually review and compare hundreds of resumes.

Additionally, smart AI matchmaking can take into account other factors, such as a candidate's personal preferences, career goals, or willingness to take on a new challenge, to identify the best match for both the employer and the candidate. This can help improve the overall success and satisfaction rate of your hiring process.

In conclusion, while boolean search can be a useful tool in the hiring process, it's important to consider other approaches, such as smart AI matchmaking, to ensure that you are finding the best possible candidates for your open positions. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and natural language processing, you can exponentially improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your hiring process, and ultimately make better hiring decisions, faster.

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