Write the Best Outreach Message and Make Sure They Can’t Say No

Maya Avisar

There are two parts to passive talent sourcing: finding the right talents, then connecting with them and getting them to hear about your opportunity.

For the first part, we got you covered. Perfect helps you find exactly the right talents in only a few minutes per day, analyzing data about your company and your talent pool's career trajectory.

And for the second part? Read below to learn more about the most important aspects of writing a great outreach message that gets a talent's attention.

1. Start with an engaging title

Are talents opening your message? Whether it be through LinkedIn, emails, or text - if talents don't open your message, you will never get the chance to convince them to take the next step and schedule an interview.

You can go with something personalized, exciting, or intriguing - but make sure to test different options until you see the best open rate possible.

2. Continue with personalized content

You got their attention, and they opened your message - awesome!

Now think of a curious talent reading only to find out you sent them a message that looks like a copy-paste mass campaign. You went through all the trouble, sources just that person, trying to convince them to leave their current workplace to come interview for you - and you give them a feeling they're just like anyone else.

Not so great, huh?

That's why our recommendation is to personalize your outreach as much as possible, and with Perfect, you automatically get an AI-generated message based on the talent's career data as well as your company's.

3. And finish strong with follow-ups!

We collected and analyzed outreach data from 1000+ users and saw that over 50% of talents who respond to passive sourcing do it only after the third follow-up.

Use the power of message sequences to ensure they can't ignore your messages - do it kindly and timely, but be assertive, and don't let them ignore you! 💪  

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