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Discover how Mina Group, a leader in the hospitality industry, transformed its specialized recruitment process using Perfect. By leveraging AI-driven matching and adaptive features, Mina Group significantly reduced its time-to-hire by 50% and successfully filled critical roles with highly qualified candidates.

With Kenrick Burkholder, Director of Recruiting at Mina Group

Mina Group

is a renowned hospitality company specializing in high-level management and culinary roles, including executive chefs and VPs of operations.

The Challenge

In the past, Mina Group experimented with numerous recruitment tools, always on the lookout for the most effective solutions that balance candidate quality and budget constraints. One major tool they used was LinkedIn Recruiter, which, despite its popularity, presented several challenges. It was labor-intensive, required extensive candidate screening, and was quite expensive. Even the lighter version they used to save on costs proved limiting and filled with manual tasks. Their biggest recruitment challenge, however, was finding specialized candidates with the precise experience they needed, often likened to finding a needle in a haystack.

The Solution

When they discovered Perfect, it quickly stood out as an ideal blend of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Perfect's user-friendly interface and adaptive features set it apart from other tools. If the initial results were unsatisfactory, Perfect would understand, refresh, and provide better matches—something LinkedIn simply didn’t offer. Perfect significantly alleviated the issue of finding specialized candidates by effectively narrowing down the candidate pool, making it much easier to find qualified individuals. Instead of sifting through hundreds of unqualified candidates, Perfect allowed them to focus on a smaller pool with a higher likelihood of finding the right match.

With Perfect, Brian harnessed the power of data to enhance the quality of candidates. The platform's insights on both candidates and companies allowed him to craft targeted outreach strategies, increasing the engagement rate and forging stronger connections. By leveraging these data-driven insights, Brian transformed the recruitment process into an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

Perfect is a very user-friendly tool for finding qualified candidates quickly

Kenrick Burkholder, Director of Recruiting @Mina Group

The Result

Quality over quantity is a principle Mina Group holds dearly, and Perfect has excelled in delivering just that. The AI matching tool is a standout feature, proactively refining searches based on their feedback. Additionally, they appreciate the ability to adjust the tone of voice for different positions and seniority levels, enhancing their communication strategy.

Since adopting Perfect, they’ve already made two hires, a testament to the significant time savings in their hiring process. Positions that usually take a long time to fill are now being addressed much faster. They've been able to schedule interviews in half the time it took with LinkedIn, getting in touch with candidates quickly and efficiently.

In summary, if they were to recommend Perfect in one sentence, it would be this: "Perfect is a very user-friendly tool for finding qualified candidates quickly." This customer story underscores the key benefits and effectiveness of Perfect in meeting Mina Group's specialized recruitment needs.

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